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beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:29 am
by monsta76
hello lovelies!!

i am recently engaged and am thinking heaps about what to do etc for the big day. i am thinking of getting married on a beach....i live on the goldy :D beautiful beaches everywhere. so i would like a beachy themed reception.

i was wondering if any one has got some really cool ideas and photos of stuff for the reception....decos, table centrepieces etc. would love some inspiration!

this is the dress i am thinking of......
but of course in white and not in satin, but chiffon. do you think i can wear this at a beach wedding? then with my hair im thinking pretty much down with some frangipanis/bling in it. havent got any piccies of htat tho :? my bouquet will be made of shells and not flowers. or maybe just a few frangipanis scattered in mine and the bridesmaids only little shell bouquets.

i have no idea about colour or style for the BMs either. i totally suck at this! even tho my DF and me were together for 11years...yep 11 years!! 8O ive never really thought about wedding stuff. lol.

what do you girls think??

i would really love to see some stuff or hear your ideas!

Re: beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:41 am
by AliBaby
Hi Congrats on your engagement!

I am getting married in Fiji (so I suppose that relates to your beach theme) and hae found some awesome ideas.

Check out this site.

The dress you like is lovely! It is so similar to the style that I am having, I only just found my dress on Friday and put a deposit down.

You can see it in the link below. It is in a satin fabric but it doesnt have any layers underneath and has a side split up the leg so it wont be too hot. I am getting it in ivory (not the silver shown in the picture)

Hope that helps a bit. Have fun planning your wedding. I know I am :)

Re: beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:52 am
by elsie
Hi there,
I'm also on the Goldy and looked at a lot of different ideas for beach theme decorations and these people seem to do a beautiful job with it. They have a showroom in Mermaid Waters where you can go and look at all their stuff.
Good luck!

Re: beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:51 pm
by Scarlett
best advice - check out the Theme threads on here - there is one that is all things beachy/fangipani's etc - I am planning a Hamilton Island wedding and have found heaps of inspiration from here. The Theme threads are great because it is a culmination of all the girls' research on here!

I am having a simple chiffon dress (similar to your style but halter I think) with a tropical bouquet. For decorations in the reception, we are having timber table runners with white bowls (candles and beach pebbles or maybe flowers, not yet decided), smaller tealights in miniture glass fish bowls, with those gorgeous white finger starfish scattered along the timber runners. I have found the beachy theme quite easy to pull together because it is so simple. Good luck!

Re: beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:57 pm
by Island Princess
Hey Monsta!
I was recently married in Hawaii.
Here are some links to my facebook page for pics and ideas on beachy theme. ... =18d461487 ... bc8436ba28

Re: beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:32 pm
by seaweed
I have pics of a quite a few beach themed cakes, if you would like them pm me.

Re: beach wedding theme ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:53 am
by chellebelle
I got married on the Goldy. The ceremony was meant to be at Greenmount lookout but we got rained out so we held it on the deck at Tugun SLSC (where the reception was held). We had our pro photos taken at Elephant Rock and at a bus stop (I think it was on Marine Parade at Coolangatta?). We had wanted our photos taken at a few different places (including Snapper) but the rain put a stop to that. Here's a link to my S&T:

We used Celebrations Made Simple for the ceremony decorations (which you can't see in my photos, but would have looked amazing had they been at Greenmount). There's a few good photos on their website as well:

There's also a good thread on here for beachy inspiration photos: