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Parasols at a beach wedding?

Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:55 am

Hi girls, I don't know what I'd do without your opinions!

We are having our wedding on the beach in mid Feb at 3pm, the temp can range from 25 degrees to 40 but most likely in the middle of the two.
We have 64 guests, young and old and will have some chairs available. The ceremony will be max 30 min, I'm about to hire 20 paper parasols so the oldies and some more delicate people can use them if needed, but I just realised that these people will be most likely be seated - with their parasols up.

Did they get in the way?
Are these really necessary?
Did you have them at your outdoor wedding?
Did people use them?
I know they 'look' pretty, but do they offer any real relief from the sun?

I know its a silly decision! but it is these 'little decisions that talllllllly up :D
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♥ baby on board! ♥
♥ baby on board! ♥
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Re: Parasols at a beach wedding?

Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:46 pm

It'd probably look nice but I don't think paper parasols would offer a huge amount of relief from the sun. And they might get in the way for people sitting/standing behind them.
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Insert Candy Here
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Re: Parasols at a beach wedding?

Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:19 pm

What about market umbrellas?


This image is from http://www.wedevents.com.au/index.htm but you probably have a similar supplier in your area :)
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