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Who pays for what?

Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:18 pm

This topic I'm sure has come up before but wasn't too sure how to search for it...

Just been wondering lately who should pay for what when it comes to the bridal party?

Before being in this situation I always thought I would pay for everything as you are asking someone to be part of your day... However money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately.

So... I am thinking
Bridal party pay for their dresses and suits (buying not hiring)... We have found dresses for $150 and full suit with shirt and tie on a massive sale for $250.

We will pay for the shoes and also the guys accommodation the night before.

Just wondering what everyone else is doing?

Also paying for hair and makeup for the girls and their flowers.
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Re: Who pays for what?

Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:28 am

We were the same in thinking that we are asking them to share our day and to have them wear/do what we want so we should pay.

We bought the bridesmaids (cost is all up for 4 BM's)
shoes (199.80)
dress (340)
dress alterations (240)
jewelry (170)
lace parasols (100)
head bands (51.96)

We bought the groomsmen (634.50 for 4)
suits (yes they keep them)

the bridesmaids are however paying for their own hair (60 each) and makeup (70 each) as this was their choice, I showed them photo of the hair and makeup i wanted them all to have and said either they can attempt it themselves or pay a professional :)
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Re: Who pays for what?

Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:39 am

Very much something you need to work out with your bridal party after taking into account everyone's budget. As an example:

We paid for:
BMs dresses ($85.00 each from ASOS)
Girl's accessories/jewellery about $80.00 all up
Half of each BMs shoes (I think about $80.00 all up but cannot remember)
Accommodation for night before (ended up being free from the Hotel, but we did not know that until we went to pay the bill)
GMs suit hire ($120.00 - $200.00 a suit I think, cannot remember)
All meals/drinks/snacks in the lead up to when they were on appointments with us (no idea, a few turned into messy drinking sessions, so probably more than everything else!)
We also got them a bunch of goodies each

They paid for
BMs - Hair and Makeup $150.00 each
GMs - black dress shoes $60.00 each (excellent sale for Julius Marlows and they both will wear them again).
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