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how to choose photographer?

Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:50 pm

am still up in the air with everything but my partner is insisting that the most important thing for the day are the photos!

I've had a look at a handful of photographers, a lot of them have really great portfolios so i'm not sure how to choose based on their images alone? we have had a couple of appointments and are going to be booking a couple more, is there anything in particular I should be asking them when i meet with them?

also is it bad taste to request a discount? I am so uncomfortable asking about pricing, usually hubby-to-be is good at it but as he works he can't come to all the meetings :(
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Re: how to choose photographer?

Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:00 pm

The work and the personality and you FH is right the images will be the last thinking you will look at and not only you but your friends and family, your kids and grandkids...
I have a friend that spend so much on her wedding the dress alone costed her over $6000 her husband surprised her about the photographer/videographer (which she wasnt really happy about it as she wanted to book in the photohrapher that we follow) and after she got her images no joke she was crying, her sexy hot white wedding dress looked like a $400 dress (it was blue in all the images, and looked really bad), she sent the images to our photographer and unfortunately he couldnt help.

So the work and personality of your photographer is very important as they are the ones that would be with you all day closer then your family. So be wise on who you chose.

For me I will not set a budget on my wedding photographer as it will be the last thing i will remember and look at for the rest of my life and grand-kids will look at it too.
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I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: how to choose photographer?

Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:22 pm

I agree with everything the other girls have said.

Personality is definitely important because you will be spending most of your day with these people and you need to feel comfortable and relaxed with them because it will show in the photos.

The photographer also determines the feel of the day so it is important to make sure the fit is good if you want the day to reflect you both as a couple.
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Re: how to choose photographer?

Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:12 pm

Definitely the work itself should be what draws you to a photographer, price keeps you, and personality seals the deal!

As for giving discounts, I prefer to add value rather than discount as my prices are there for a reason, but I guess I am known for giving 'awesome' discounts if people have particularly cool ideas with their wedding. We share some ideas of our own on our facebook also to get the juices flowing.
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Re: how to choose photographer?

Thu May 09, 2013 12:16 am

what style of photography are you after ? I think is the most important park.

Also make sure you see complete wedding albums and as many as possible from the photographer.

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Re: how to choose photographer?

Thu May 16, 2013 1:25 am

I am a wedding photographer and love your question.

You do exactly the right thing ... decide by the pictures and the style of the photographer (price of course is the second criteria :-). You need to love the photographers work. Ashling mentioned exactly my two main points how I would select a photographer - spot on!

Portfolios - Look at real weddings - not only best of shots
Be careful when you look at portfolios - Always look at a full real wedding - never at best of shots. Be also careful with styled shoots - they could be misleading. This is not what you want to see. It can give you a good idea about the quality and creativity of the photographer - but make sure you decide based on real weddings the photographer did.

Meet your photographer - make sure you have a connection
Make sure you connect with your photographer - he will be there the whole day - so make sure you are comfortable with that person. Make sure you meet your actual photographer - usually an issue when you hire a bigger photography studio.

And some more:
- When you get hi res pictures on disc or USB: What does high resolution mean for the photographer? Do they watermark the pictures?
- Are albums and prints included - they are usually hard to compare as there are huge differences in quality.
- I usually only offer full day photography as this is in my opinion the best way to document such a day with all the love and emotion. Make sure you know exactly how long your coverage will be.

Discounts (hehe ... you can always ask).
I personally don't give discounts ... but asking nicely what the photographer can do is ok in my opinion. You might ask for some extra hours, a bigger album, an engagement shoot. Make your wedding attractive for the photographer (a lot of brides forget this!) ... I recently got the opportunity to shoot an amazingcastle wedding in Europe and the couple wanted to book us but couldn't afford the airfare for us. I couldn't resist and gave her a great deal.

Hope this helps a little bit ... have fun choosing your photographer :-). (no stress ... see the positive side ... you look at lots of beautiful pictures for inspiration).

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