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I just love to talk
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Man of Honour nervous to enter Reception

Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:35 pm

FH and i went out for drinks on Friday with our bridal party. It was a chance for all of them to meet and for us to talk about what we were expecting of them, their queries etc etc. It came to the forefront that my Man of Honour is rather nervous about entering our reception, not because he's shy but because he doesn't understand what he's expected to do.

We plan on having a song for each member of the bridal party and we've asked them to "Walk to their music" from the door to our table. He is a musician and has taken that to mean each step has to be in time with each beat of the song. This isn't quite what we mean (as if its a fast song this would be difficult!).....we're more thinking just sort of walk in looking comfortable with the music - not really dance to it but at least move somewhat along with the piece of music. I was hoping to find a youtube clip of something such as this to help him understand what we're looking for. I've had a look but can only find large dance number entrances which will probably just scare him more!

Can anyone post some links to clips of something more fancy than a straight walk but that is not realy a dance? Haha, probably a bit tricky but any assistance would be fantastic!
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: Man of Honour nervous to enter Reception

Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:44 pm

My FH and I have been in bridal parties of two weddings now where each member of the party picked their own song, and then entered in a way that matched the song. Haha one of the boys picked 'eye of the tiger' and came in dancing and boxing, another one entered to a something like 007 and had his fingers like guns and did a tumble on the ground like he was a cop out of movie. I picked some funny 80s song and came in dancing, it was great fun. Everyone loved it and made for some funny photos. We plan to do this at our wedding too!