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July 2010

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:23 pm
by Moderator Team
Hi ladies, here's a place to meet up with other July 2010 brides and share your plans and ideas :D

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Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:34 pm
by Breesmum

Hopefully there will be some others in here joining me soon.
We are getting married 10th July. :heart:

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Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 7:53 pm
by stephbrown77
we are getting married 10th July 2010 too. But we havent booked anything yet so fingers crossed. Where are you getting married at Breesmum??

Re: July 2010

Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 8:52 pm
by Breesmum
yay a wedding buddy!
we are getting married in Cairns - morning ceremony along the esplanade.

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Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 8:01 pm
by stephbrown77
thats sounds beautiful, is it a destination wedding or do you live close by? We considered cairns for our destination wedding (kinda elopement with 15ppl) but i feel like i might regret havin a proper wedding, although it still wont be anything huge i hope. im not very good being the centre of attention!

we are gettin married on the central nsw coast, we are from tamworth, tho both of our families live along the coast there so its much easier for everyone too. havent booked anything yet, goin there in 2 weeks to visit the expo, and reception places, hopefully come home with some things booked! that would be a relief!

have you booked much? i am not sure where i should really be at this stage, altho not officialy engaged yet, FH bought the ring, asked my dad last night, and now is waitin for me so i can actually be surprised when it happens, and for it to be romantic coz ive always talked about this. he has told me to start bookin tho, so im not like a crazy bridezilla, just organised!!! and we have both organised the engagement party together, it will be the same day as our 2 childrens thanksgiving day (salvation army version of a christening)!
so you should know me by now, lol!

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Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 9:08 pm
by Breesmum

yep we live in Cairns. I used to live on the central coast too, um 21years i was there lol. We considered looking into having our wedding down there but it would cost us more (we have 3 children already plus another on the way) so the airfares alone would be a killer. Plus who wouldn't want to escape the cold and come to cairns in the middle of winter lol. My mums hubbies family lives in tamworth lol. small world :)

So far i've booked, celebrant, reception venue, photographer, wedding night accomm plus my accomm for the night before and ceremony location. I have to get in early up here otherwise everything books out so fast and your either left with people you dont like or the most expensive ones. Makeup a friend is doing for me (she's a makeup artist and is also doing my hair) so just have to organise florist. Dont need transport as our ceremony is across the road from the reception venue and guests accommodation.

Need to make a trip down to the coast as thats where my bm is to go dress shopping with her. I'm hoping to get down before August so we'll see how we go.

Do you have anywhere in mind of where you'd like to look for the ceremony and reception?

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Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 9:46 pm
by stephbrown77
i feel so behind as nothin is done yet. im lookin at entrance leagues club, breakers country club so far. was considering surf clubs so can be byo catering n alcohol but the hire charges and waitstaff end up costin a bit so it may seem cheaper and easier to go somewhere that has it all pretty much! any other places in mind? goin to search for other leagues/bowling clubs ect so i make the right decision when i do finally book.

have you got your dress yet? i have found some website, which stocks designer dresses (not like i really care about a designer name), like maggie sottero dresses around 500-700, and they are the types i like so thats exciting, is it too early to buy my dress lol??? im in love with "claire pettibones- larissa" dress, but out of my price range i believe, anyone know of it sellin second hand?? i havent even been into a bridal shop yet, waitin for my bestie, she is in syd hospital with a beautiful premmie bub so i can wait til everythings good!!

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Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 11:19 pm
by Breesmum
yep i had a look too at the beach clubs. Terrigal and Avoca is really nice now as they have refurbished them but also come with a $1500-$2000 hire fee and unless your having heaps of people its just not worth it.
Um places to look at......your having 15 guests yeah? I'll have a think. its too late at night lol.

Dresses i've been looking and changed my mind heaps of times. Alot of the girls on here are getting their dress made through Zero Love. check out the zero love thread for some pics. there is also millybridal and duosheng. They are on ebay too. I'll prob get my dress made through milly or zl i just haven't decided yet. I want a combo of a couple of dresses and i've also decided to go for a burgundy dress rather than white. We've been together 10years next year and i just figure why not! we've done everything else different and its more me.

i'll pop back in in the morning and see what i can come up with :)

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Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 12:46 am
by stephbrown77
hby again
i was plannin to have 15 guests wen we decided on a small elopement style but since then we changed our mind to a wedding to include everyone (or attempting) so lookin at 80 ppl. i noticed all those hire costs, thats ridiculous, thats why it is better off goin somewhere like entrance leagues after all, at least its only $200 hire!

i had a quick look at zero love, but i will check out the others when i have time. yeh i wanted to be different too at first, planned on champagne or silver dress but now im havin an ivory dress i hope coz i seen this beautiful pic (sorry no idea how to upload an image yet) with the bride wearing ivory, the BM wearing mocha/latte coloured dresses and thats the colours that will always look good i believe. and also for the photos having white/ivory parasols which ive always thought looked gorgeous in photos! i think its great your goin all out and having a burgundy dress, what colour are your BM going to be? , i think white would look good! if not maybe black.

yeh we are just tryin to plan a small inexpensive event too, around $7000-8000 excluding honeymoon, our honeymoon will be thailand and that will probly end up at $7000, but the honeymoon was important to us as we really want to travel but are limited atm as we have two young children and wont leave them with family except for a 12 day honeymoon, not random holidays tho. we are planning a big rv holiday in the US in 2 years which they will be comin so lookin forward to that.

i was talkin to FH and stressin that nothin has been planned and maybe we should really start to, i have just been doin research but no actual bookin, it feels like ages away but now when i think about it, its only 14months!!!!! so when i go to the coast in 2 weeks, instead of just bookin reception, im really goin to try my hardest to arrange appointments with decorators, transport (not really necessary for me, but FH wants a sports car and that was one of his only real requests for the wedding so i compromised even tho its a waste of money), cakes and florists, plus attend the expo. all this in two days! not to mention try on wedding dresses either at newcastle or sydney, will have to make a separate trip for that soon! any thing else anyone can think of that needs to be booked in advance??

thanks for everyones help

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Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 8:48 am
by Breesmum
hey sorry i haven't been on for a while. been sick with bronchitis.

i do remember that the entrance leagues had very good venue hire prices as i had enquired with them but i have since deleted all the research i did on a central coast wedding :(

Where are you looking at having the ceremony?

not much wedding related happening here. just been talking about guests lists mostly and all the trivial stuff that families coming together can bring.

I love the parasols...i'm thinking of getting one just for the photos and also the fan that goes with it. Theres a few places where we are getting our photos taken that I could really play it up lol. Well one would hope so after a few champers lol.

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Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 10:57 am
by stephbrown77
hey, our family is being hit with the cold, my daughter is bad with it, our little boy is not bad thank goodness as he is only 4months old, and i feel horrible but no real signs! surprising because in our family it works like this: daughter get it, then i get it towards the end of her having it, then when she is all good, i pass it back to her and then me, her and FH have it at the same time! i hate winter!
well i always thought i wanted a beach wedding but dont really want a beach theme, im startin to veer to vintage elegance... i think all i really wanted was photos on the beach (like on rocks)
im goin to look around for nice gardens or vineyards and see how it goes, any ideas?
so im goin to order parasols from putitoutthere as they are the cheapest ive seen and i only want then for pics, so thats happenin soon so i can have a real start!

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Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 10:41 pm
by Breesmum
oh i hope your little ones get over it soon too. My son has started coughing but hasn't shown any other signs so just going to let it be for the time being.

We arent into the beach themed weddings although some of them look great! Obviously the tropical theme is done quite alot up here so kind of wanting to steer away from that. Yep we'll probably have some palm tree shots and some shots of us on the sand but thats about as far as it goes lol. Our colours are burgundy, ivory gold and will adde in a pewter. Having the bm in a pewter colour but in chiffon so it will have pink or blue undertones, depending on what she likes. I want her to have a dress that she can wear again. So for centerpieces i was thinking of having something wrought iron with flowers that match my bouquet.
i saw these cute little mini birdcages they looked like bordering on lanterns that were filled with flowers, it looked gorgeous. Then i also found some centerpieces that had photos on it too so im a bit up in the air but i know what i want. Our reception is outside so there is already lots of greenery around so i think the flowers will go nicely. Will have to put some pics up soon i think.

My fh is a major truck fenatic (he drives them too for work) so i've been trying to figure out ways that i can incorporate that for him without it looking tacky. so im constantly googling for that he he.

anyway i need to go hop in the shower. might put up some pics when i return :)

OH and erina fragrant gardens are nice for ceremony options, there are some wineries/vineyards out at wamberal that i remember seeing. What type of ceremony are you after? Mt penang gardens get used alot too and are pretty reasonable price wise.

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Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 12:26 am
by stephbrown77
im just glad its only a cold for now, with this big pandemic goin around, i really hope it doesnt spread.

was your reception in the evening or day? if evening why not use the flowers idea, in nice vases/pots (check out bunning for little pots, its amazing what styles are out there now), and surround with heaps of burgundy and gold candles... i love light, use as many candles as you can its so beautiful and just sparkling... with the truck thing i dont have any ideas sorry, maybe use a truck (like a wooden one or get someone to make a bigger one) and paint it gold and put like favors or programs or bubble wands or anything really. not a great idea but im not very good at comin up with any sorry lol!!

oh i just remembered that i found gorgeous centrepieces, in the target catalogue (hope its the same up there), from today until next wed sale. they are 'modern living' metal scroll hurricane with glass and candle, they are half price now $20. i cant tell whether they are like a rustic metal colour or black and not sure how big they are yet but just an idea, i hope they are NOT black, as i want to use them. i spose you might be able to get gold (or which ever colour) and spray paint them.

yeah put some pics up definately.
i found out about a winery near erina called firescreek winery. its so beautiful, checkin it out next weekend, and the prices too. i will search for more though because that was just a rec! and will check out the gardens and mt penang (is that close to kariong, i used to live there when i was little)!

Re: July 2010

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 9:06 am
by Breesmum

Yep Mt Penang Gardens is at Kariong. Their prices are on their website and they also have receptions there too.
I freaked out a bit at getting sick we have sooo many tourists up here, they always bring in something different but luckily nothing that is serious. I think the media do a good job of playing it up aswell.

Our reception is of a day time otherwise the candles would be a good idea. i was thinking of buying those little toy models and spray painting them gold. going to have to trial it out to see how it turns out though. He has no idea but i just thought that it would be nice for him even if they end up on the kids table he he.

going to make a photobucket account so i can upload some pictures. hate doing it as an attachment.

Re: July 2010

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 11:10 am
by stephbrown77
hi bree
i looked on the website but i couldnt see any prices, maybe there is a separate website for weddings. will have to check it out again. i absolutely love the firescreek vineyard, so does FH so i hope they are not too pricey!

yeh i spose we aren't in mexico so we don't need to stress, just be aware really.

about the truck -you should put them on the kids table if you dont end liking them elsewhere!

so attached some pics of what i want so far, sorry they are attachments, dont know how to do anything else yet!


nice pic4.jpg

dress-nice as.jpg

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Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 11:45 am
by Breesmum
Hey here is the info for mt penang gardens

def think red would be vintage enough. just depends on what style dresses you get. I love the dress inspiration pic too. Would you have a sweetheart neckline?

Re: July 2010

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 12:31 pm
by stephbrown77
omg so something keeps happening to my computer, this is the 3rd time iv posted the same msg....
im copying it this time in case!

mt penang- love it, prices are alright for what they include i suppose, i still like the vineyard best but have to see how pricey they are? oh an i must of been blindlast night as i was on the same page but didnt even notice the links :roll:

red BM dress- i think if i switch the diamante buckle with a nice brooch it would look nice as. as long as i get approval from the BM's. my sis is easy as she loves different styles of dresses, but my bestie is hard to please and it doesnt' help that she (well not her, but her newborn is so she stays nearby) in syd hospital so i cant even ask her opinions (hurry up Zayden and get better soon)!!

so, dumb question, what is sweetheart neckline? any pics?

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Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 9:19 am
by stephbrown77
ok, so unfortunately FH and I don't agree on the red!! we might just stick to neutral colours like champagne or bronzish!


well have an interview today for temp work, altho it already sounds definite because the lady told me to bring my tfn and bank details etc so yay.

mum comin to tamworth tonight, we goin to look at some dresses tomorrow, hope i see something i really like, or at least a style that suits me! and its nearly mothers day, i hope i get spoiled (someone do all the cookin,and all the cleanin, and lots of cuddles and kisses from my babies)!!

Re: July 2010

Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 11:20 am
by Breesmum
hmm thats a shame about the red.
how about a pink ribbon with a colour like that? like a dusty pink?

Im thinking of changing our reception venue. I have a gut feeling that we are going to have probs with the new girl thats taken over at our current one and i just dont need it lol. 99% of our guests are interstate so i need something thats very accommodating on them too. i've got some pics and will upload em to photobucket to show you.

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Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 9:45 am
by Breesmum
ok so here is the virtual tour of the place that we are going to look at. ... CM_EXTR_05
So far we have just had email communication but she has been really quick and really prompt. Still waiting to hear back from some other places yet.

if you click on the right where it says welcome then you can see the function rooms.

i'm looking at different bm dress styles atm to send off to my bm.

I'm wondering if they would let her take a photo of a dress on for me? hmmm might be pushing it lol.

hope you have fun dress shopping today :)