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Re: Guest paying for their own meals ... thoughts?

Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:12 pm

bec31 wrote:
KG - in what way would this be useful to other members (esp new ones?). It's clear to me that new members are treated as intruders. I have asked several times for this to stop but people just keep going!

I will highly recommend this forum to all my friends :roll:

Not at all - I have been on this forum for several years and always make an effort with new members. I am not sure how many forums you have been a member of - in my experience over say three seriously (circa 5,000+ posts each forum) and two more as a more casual user - a demand to have a topic locked or telling people to stop responding because you did not get the answer you wanted/expected/the topic went a different way/etc is never going to be looked on kindly.

A forum is a community and topics are contributed to by whichever community member chooses to. Simply by starting a topic does not give you as a new member right of ownership over the answers anymore than me as an 'oldie' would have over a subject I started. By placing something in a public domain you need to be prepared to received opinions/feedback/etc from all walks of life and not always to your taste. And as others have said, and you yourself admitted, the older posts can be of assistance to other forum members in the future.

I do hope you do not feel that you have been treated as an intruder and I also hope that if you do continue to post you take things a little more lightly. I quite often read into things on this or other forums that are probably not intended. If you feel upset simply distance yourself for a few minutes or a day and then come back to it. Planning your wedding should be fun after all :)
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: ......

Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:25 am

I actually kind of take offense now. I was being nice and welcoming to you, and have told people to stay on topic earlier as well. It's also really p*ssing me off that you're saying that you can't have a wedding on the cheap without having guests pay for their own meals (or at the very least, will even consider a different option so that it's not as expensive for other guests), AND I'm also a new member and have been more than welcomed to this forum - I've started topics and yes I've not always had the answer I would have liked, but I took other opinions on board.

I'm planning a wedding for 80 guests on a budget of $5000 FFS. I'm having a nice venue, lots of fun things to do and it will be a beautiful day. I'm also not asking my guests to pay for their meal, or at least, if I end up doing that it will not be much money at all! Maybe $10 per head for the extended family and free for immediate family. I'm also having flowers, games, the dress of my dreams, a gorgeous wedding ring (and so is my FH), decorations and a wedding with all the trimmings. You know what else? I'm on a disability pension and my FH only has a (very) part time job (as in, 6 hours a week) and is also on centrelink benefits. And GUESS WHAT??? WE'RE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING OURSELVES!!!!!

So you know what? For anyone out there that complains that you can't have a 'wedding' on a budget - all you need for a wedding is rings, and a celebrant, and two witnesses - and maybe some nice clothes to wear and your nearest and dearest around you. The rest is just the frills. I guarentee that if you posted your budget we could altogether figure something out to help you with your budget so that your guests didn't have to pay.

So just because you didn't get the answer you didn't like, don't attack other people, and if you didn't want to 'hear' any of it, DON'T ENTER THE THREAD ANYMORE.

Just my 2c.
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I need a title
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Re: ......

Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:50 pm

2bwed wrote:
So just because you didn't get the answer you'd like, don't attack other people, and if you didn't want to 'hear' any of it, DON'T ENTER THE THREAD ANYMORE.

Just my 2c.

Well said.
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