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Re: bridalgown.net

Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:21 pm

Allicat9 wrote:
L.I.W wrote:

I work in bridal and technically I should strongly discourage purchasing from the interwebs. But whatever, just if you are internet shopping please be respectful of salon members time and do not come in and try everything under the sun on with no intention of buying instore.

Anyway, re the surcharge most designers charge a flat fee between $50 - $100.

Unfortunately, buying online is now the way of the world - not just wedding dresses, but people going to golf shops/clothing stores/electronics stores, using the salesmen to work out what they want and then buying it online.

If you struggle with it, it best to look into ways of providing such good service that people can't help but want to buy from you. To be honest, wedding dress shopping was a horrible experience for me for the most part!

There has been great feedback about this particular operator and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Not looking for an argument or lecture. I do not struggle with people choosing to buy online. What I do find disrespectful though is people visiting a brick and mortar store, trying on heaps of gowns/shoes/golf clubs whatever you are looking for with no intention of buying from that business who provides them with the service.

If you take the time to read this thread you will note that I have posted here several times saying this business has a good reputation. I was not saying don't buy from them. I simply think its a good thing to remind anyone buying anything that if you are buying online keep it online and don't waste a small businesses time pretending you are interested when you are not.
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: bridalgown.net

Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:05 pm

L.I.W - thanks for your input hun :) I must feel that although I say that I do go into stores and try on dresses and then look online to buy the reality of it is: 1) I've been to 2 wedding dress stores, both of which had nothing in my size, so I couldn't really tell what the dresses were going to look like on properly anyway - the first store the lady was horrible and really wasn't listening to what I wanted, but I managed to find something that kinda fit, that looked okay and that was in my price range - but was not a wedding dress and definitely wasn't the dress of my dreams. The second store was amazing, and I found a dress that I dream about... unfortunately it was 2 - 3 times my budget, and I just cannot justify that to FH (as much as I would looove to buy it) - this store had no respect for my budget, but were absolutely beautiful people. 2) I've tried on 7 dresses. 2 at the second place after I'd resided myself to buying online. 5 at the previous store because I didn't know what I was looking for, and I still wasn't sure if I could find something in a store. 3) I simply do not have a budget to be buying a dress over about $600. There are some dresses that are within that budget yes, do they capture my heart? No. I feel like every bride deserves to wear something she loves, not something that she's settled for because it was in her budget in a store and in her size. I don't take this attitude with just bridal gowns either - I often shop online for my regular clothes, mainly because brick and mortar stores are either too far away or far to expensive for my finances to support. 4) I live in a town where there are LITERALLY NO WEDDING DRESS STORES. So I have to travel. A long way actually - between a 1.5 hour to 5 hour round trip. This costs me a day of my time, not to mention petrol/train trips. So personally, if I'm going to a brick and mortar store and don't intend on buying anything there, it might 'waste' their time for an hour while I try to squeeze my fat a$$ into their tiny little dresses, but at the end of the day it more wastes my entire day, not to mention my money - at least their getting paid to help me out. And I'd love to buy from them... if they were in budget, close by, and had the dress I was looking for! But in the meantime, I intend to continue to go to wedding dress stores and see if there's anything for me around... and if there's not then yes, I fully intend on buying online - and I have no shame in telling anybody that. Not having a go at you, just letting you know my situation and why I personally feel that buying online is pretty much my only option.

Also - I contacted bridalgown.net - they do not order above a size 16 at this time. So I either have to get a knock off gown, buy second hand, find another supplier, get my dress custom made, or find my 'dream dress' in a store in my budget. Yay for options.
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: bridalgown.net

Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:18 pm

Dress arrived today, it's perfect and I absolutely adore it!
The lace is absolutely beautiful and its so elegant.
Am so relieved it all worked out.

Just need to get some minor alterations done on the length and hips....and could seriously do with shedding a couple of kilos ASAP as it currently doesn't close properly at back....but there's no greater motivation to get my *** to the gym than knowing I've gotta fit into my dress.

Will see my friend on Thursday night do hopefully she can help me close it up.

I'm so excited, it's all starting to feel very real now!!
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