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I need a title
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Moving from Sydney to Perth/Mandurah area

Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:59 am

Well. It looks like FH and I might be moving to the Perth/Mandurah area in the next few months (if not sooner 8O ).

Its a huge move, and we are lucky that as its due to work FH's employer will pay for the relocation costs. I'm yet to find out exactly what it does and doesn't cost. But its better than facing redundancy.

Is there anyone on WC that has done the move and can offer some advice? Or anyone who lives in the Mandurah area (not sure on suburb yet as he will be based at the mine site in Boddington)?

We also currently live with my parents - so we have alot of the small kitchen things but have no furniture apart from that. I've been looking at furniture packages from Super Amart - there is two I like - about 1k in price difference - http://www.superamart.com.au/furniture/ ... ood-41449/ or http://www.superamart.com.au/furniture/ ... ice-47660/. I realise that it is 'cheap furniture' but we will need furniture fast on a limited budget. I'm not sure whether its better to buy it here or there either.

Anyone got any tips or advice for basically moving out and/or interstate for the first time? We knew this was coming and were hoping to buy in 12-18 months time anyway but I didn't think it would be interstate or this sudden.

Freaking out because its so hard to research from the other side of the country, and its such a huge move.
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: Moving from Sydney to Perth/Mandurah area

Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:39 pm

I moved from Perth to Queensland in 2008. I was living at home at the time, only had 3 boxes of belongings, and sent it across the country using Air Road Direct. Back then I found them reasonably priced, and I sent my $3000 computer through them with no issues. I think my stuff arrived a week after I arrived in Queensland, felt like forever though!

I'd recommend buying furniture over there, I imagine it's going to cost a lot of money if you have furniture to ship as opposed to just small belongings. I've bought furniture from Super Amart, they usually have the products in stock, you just have to wait for the next delivery day if you want them to deliver it. Some of the stuff from Super Amart is hit and miss, but it depends on what you get. We got a pretty standard dining table in our starter set and it was a bit wobbly. We've gotten some heavy wood furniture pieces which are pretty solid, even though we had to put them together ourselves. Our starter set also had a glass coffee table, but we were able to swap it for a heavy wood coffee table and just paid the difference.

Mandurah is about an hour away from Perth, my only real memories of the place is when it was a holiday town so I can't say too much about it (aside from being sad it's not quite a holiday town anymore!). There is a train line that runs from Perth to Mandurah now though, not sure how long it takes. Always a childhood dream to take the train down to Mandurah, and now that there is one, I haven't even been on it.
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