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Re: Tattooed Barbie?!????

Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:11 am

I wore a temporary tattoo every Australia day when i was little. doesnt mean when i was 10 I went out and got a real one! we all know there are laws that prohibit tattoos until we are 18 so does it really matter?
wearing temporary tattoos as a kid is all about dressing up and playing a character, i also dressed up in my mums heels and sometimes got into her lipstick and come on tell me i am not the only that found their mums bra at 5 and put socks in it 8O lol

Also tattoos are not in any way linked to drugs, that comment is rediculous. I have tattoos and i am anti drug.

oh and hey, maybe the tatts on the barbie will cover up some of that skin showing around her mini skirts and boob tubes?

oh and i had a pregnant barbie when i was little and i loved it lol when i think about it now it is a bit weird but as an innocent kid it was great fun
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