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I survived and got married
I survived and got married
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Bobby Calves

Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:43 am

Has anyone else seen this?

https://animalsaustralia.qnetau.com/tak ... e-campaign

In a nutshell, bobby calves, the calves born to make the mother calves produce milk, are sent to slaughter about a week after birth (this is how the industry has worked for years, it's terrible but it's what happens). The calves currently get to suckle and so on, but there is a proposal that the calves be not allowed liquid food (eg milk) for 30 hours prior to transport. I understand the dairy industry needs to survive - but these little calves at least deserve to be treated humanely like any other animal farmed for food.

It's really horrible :( I'm a meat eater like most everyone else, but really, this is inhumane and just horrible. There is an online letter form thing you can send like a petition, I just wanted to spread the word that there is a public forum on this and we should really do what we can to stop this practice being approved.

Thanks :)

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