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I just love to talk
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Any technology people here? - DVD

Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:20 pm

Our DVD recorder is now not playing bought discs - they are just skipping and freezing.

There is no visible damage to the discs - they are imaculate with no dirt or scratches. Can't think of any way they could have been damaged by heat etc. Since the DVD was suddenly skipping on the DVD recorder we tried it in the computer and it still wouldn't work - was doing the same thing. It worked fine last time we used it.

Is it possible that the DVD recorder could have damaged the disc? Can't work out if it's the discs or the player.

Is there any other way discs could get damaged? - as we are finding more and more that aren't working on our player now all of a sudden.
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: Any technology people here? - DVD

Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:24 am

Are the DVDs bought from within Australia or on holiday elsewhere? Some overseas ones are in a different format and don't play on our players (well used to be the case).

You can buy special DVD player cleaning kits from big w so maybe get one of those and give it a go? It cleans the heads that read the DVD.

Its strange the DVDs don't work in the computer either. Have you played these DVDs before? Have the DVDs been left in the sun? Are they from a reputable source?

Hmm sorry, other to that I'm not sure!
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