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Re: North Queensland

Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:44 pm

Hi Guys,

Hoping you can give me a few idears on a venue. FH and I really have not found any where we like. We are in Charters Towers, but don't mind traveling to have the wedding. Neither of us are beach people, so where are looking for a more rustoc/ country venue and we really have not found anything.

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Re: North Queensland

Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:20 pm

Just thought I would come on here to quickly let everyone know what a terrible experience I had this weekend with a dress shop in Cairns (not mentioning names, but lets say it rhymes with Hurling shall we).
Firstly, Let me explain my story so far. About a year and a half ago (before I was even engaged) I was looking online through google at wedding dresses, and I found my dream dress. It was exactly what I wanted, so being me I saved it to my computer from google images, without saving WHERE i found it! So once me and my FH became engaged, I started getting a little worried, trying to find the dress online. I was unable to find it anywhere, so I went to Jill Burston for Brides in Mackay (who I cant recommend HIGHLY enough!) and found a beautiful dress that “would do”, paid a deposit, and went back to Townsville. Once getting home, I posted on here the picture of my dream dress, and lo and behold within no time someone had found it, on a chinese knockoff site. I still couldnt find the proper designer, and since the dress was so cheap ($300 including postage) I purchased the dress. Once I had done this, someone found the designer of the dress, and let me know that it was available from a “Hurling”, with the nearest being in Cairns... My china-version arrived, and though beautiful, would only be suitable for a Trash the dress photo session as it was just missing those special elements that the real one had. I decided I wanted to see the real dress, and if it was everything I dreamed of, buy it and have the two. And so my story begins...
1) I called Hurlings to see if they had the dress, got a voicemail so left a message with my number and explained what the dress was.
2) Next day, in the afternoon, still hadn’t heard so I called again. This time got the owner, who was rude and abrupt, said she had got my message but was out and hadn’t had time to chase everyone up. Said she would order the dress in from one of the other chains so I could try on, but would let me know if she could get it in time or not (I set this weekend aside for the trip). Asked for my email and said it was easiest to contact (but didn’t give me hers).
3) A week went by, still hadn’t heard anything so I called again. She asked if I was a bride for a different dress, which I said No, and she remembered me. Still hadn’t ordered the dress. Said she would do so and would let me know two days before I arrived in Cairns if it was in or not.
4) Never heard anything.
5) Arrived in Cairns, went to shop 15 minutes earlier, happy to browse and wait I was so excited. She brought out the sample dress and said “Here it is!!” IT WAS THE WRONG DRESS! I told her and she said “are you sure?” really? Am I sure? *eye roll*. I said yes, my dress was the AN0127, I described it in detail. She said, “let’s go see the book, this is the right order I am sure”. Got the book out with the dresses and lo and behold I was right. “oh” she says “this is a different dress”. I almost cried right then and there. This was the dream dress I have been waiting to see for over a year and a half and she ordered the wrong dress and didn’t even sincerely apologise! She explained that my dress was only 2 months old, and probably not even available yet... Seems strange when I found the dress well over a year ago! Then told me to choose some dresses I liked from the store to try on... When I had chosen she asked me if I had ever tried a dress with a straight waist on like my dream dress and she didn’t think it would suit... I told her my dream dress actually goes down on a small diagonal on the waist (I swear I looked at that dress more than her!). I then told her I had bought the dress from china, but wanted to try on the real one to see if it had that extra spark that the other was missing. She turned very nasty, told me that the china dresses are so cheap because they are crap, and then said “well we will only try on a few of these as I don’t want to waste my time”. Put me in a changeroom (where I had to breathe very deeply as I was struggling not to cry), she came in with the first dress, put it over my head and ripped it off again saying “your body is very deceiving, you are definitely not a 10.” Then walked out with it, stood outside the changeroom (while there were at least 5 others out there, and said loudly “you wont fit into any of these dresses, you are too big, here try this” and passed through one of my last selections. I stood into it, and walked out for her to tie me up. A mother of someone else was near us as the owner then began “I wont bother tying it up because it will take too long, but as you can see its quite simple and boring and not very flattering at all. There you go” and motioned me back to the changeroom, adding “these other dresses are just the same, you don’t need to try them on. You are done.”...
I have never met a woman so unkind and outwardly rude in all of my life. I am usually a very shy person when on my own with strangers, and she did nothing to make me feel comfortable, but instead went out of her way to be nasty, and personally insult me in front of others. I walked out of the changeroom and without even looking at me she said “bye. Have fun planning your wedding”.
I will NEVER return to that shop. I would rather fly to Brisbane or Sydney to the chains to buy the dress than spend a cent towards someone so unprofessional and rude.
On a positive note, Jocelyn at Jill Burston for Brides knows about my situation, and has found a supplier willing to send the dress to her especially for me, so I can purchase it through their business. For someone who wants to have a fun experience, with someone who obviously loves her job, you can not go past Jocelyn at Jill Burston in Mackay.
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Re: North Queensland

Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:38 pm

I got married in Cairns at the Colonial Club last weekend
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