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Re: When you look back on your wedding day...

Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:05 pm

What a great thread

Things I remember:

- Unfortunately my first memory is an unpleasant one. I remember my celebrant disappearing 10 minutes before the ceremony was due to start and not showing up until 25 minutes after the ceremony should have started
- then I remember how fantastic the venues wedding coordinator and my bridesmaids were at calming me down
- I remember how stressful the 2 weeks leading up to our wedding was (mostly caused by the celebrant)
- spending quite a few nights with my little sister doing arts and crafts over a few bottles of champers :)
- I remember walking up and dancing around the bridal suite listening to the song that put me on my path to meeting FH (born slippy by underworld)
- I remember spending a wonderful morning getting ready with my mum and my bridesmaids. I had to do a lot of direction from the makeup chair or the hairdressers chair with things that still needed to be done like getting all of the table decorations together , again things should have been done before the day but due to the celebrant requiring SOOO much of my time in the 2 weeks prior they ended up having to be done on the day
- a hilarious moment when the celebrant had come to hassle me for a second time that morning about moving the ceremony inside due to the weather and my makeup artist telling her that she had already been told once today that the decision would be made 1 hour before the ceremony and as it was still 3 hours to go to get the f**k out as she was upsetting the bride
- being amazed at my dads ability to disappear right when he was needed. And then thinking back and trying to work out why I was so amazed as he has done it my whole life
- there was an incident when it came time to get the bridesmaids into their dresses and my little sister couldn't get hers on, she locked herself in the bathroom crying and refused to come out. My mum had to talk her out. All that was needed to get her into it was a set of strong fingers because the stupid invisible zip was so hard to get up
- I remember walking down the isle with my day and being totally overwhelmed by having everyone watching me and thinking it was so amazing that all those people were my nearest and dearest. I realised when I was 3/4 of the way down the isle that I hadn't even looked at DH
- having so much trouble getting our bloody unity candles to light
- our first kiss
- the BOOM our rose petal cannons made when we were introduced and his name my name and my new surname
- we had to make a run for inside to sign our registry because it started to bucket down and realising when I was the whole way back down the isle that I had gone with my sister because she had an umbrella and not with my shiny new husband :lol:
- how much fun we had on our location shoots
- how uncomfortable the old Jags were
- surprising my new husband with the T-Rex cake he had hassled me about since before we were even engaged
- the most amazing best man speech ever!
- being so mindful that I needed to get around and talk to every guest
- our first dance (it was a swing dance and we rocked it :) )
- being amazed that it was somehow 5am I had been up for 24 hours!

Looking back on all of that makes me realise how totally chaotic the day was and although there were a few tense moments overall I had an amazing day

Sorry for how long that was I didn't realise how much I can remember without even really trying
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I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: When you look back on your wedding day...

Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:44 pm

I remember getting ready in the morning and how surreal everything was. I couldn't believe the day was seriously here.
We were all in the car on the way to the church and all I could think was "why am I wearing this dress today?", "why are you girls dressed all fancy?", "why are we in this car?", "why am I holding this bouquet?"
I felt like a little girl playing dress ups until the the moment I was outside the church doors listening to the processional music. It was the most beautiful music I'd ever heard.. That was the moment it all began for me :D Also I'll think of the afternoon the day before when all my belongings were packed and I moved out of my parents' home. I waved goodbye to my mum and knew that that was the start of my new life. Hope I never forget these :)
I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: When you look back on your wedding day...

Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:26 am

What a lovely thread!

- Seeing myself with my make up on and feeling like a real bride (even with my hair in rollers)
- Seeing my about to be new husband mouth the words "I love you" as the celebrant was about to announce us husband and wife
- Seeing all our friends and family braving the rain during our ceremony
- Entering the reception to a standing ovation... I could get used to entrances like that!
- Seeing our amazing cake for the first time. I think my jaw hit the floor!
- Coming back to our room after the reception and finding that it had been visited by some decorating fairies, there were rose petals in the bed, red crystals everywhere, and messages written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick
- Being completely unable to stop smiling all day!
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Re: When you look back on your wedding day...

Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:41 pm

I remember the heat, 39 degrees 30th January 2010. Husbands parents were 40 minutes late to the church. I waited outside until they arrived.

Funny though, we laugh at it now.
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Re: When you look back on your wedding day...

Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:00 pm

I remember ..
- not sleeping the night before seeing the clock tick over every minute
- waking everyone in the house up early like a little kid (parents MOH and one of my bridesmaids)
- waiting patiently for my 2 bridesmaids who were only 10 min late and it seemed like forever waiting for them to arrive
- crying at the hairdresser when my makeup and hair had just been finished (lucky it was waterproof makeup)
- perfect weather of 32 with a coastal cool breeze
- bursting into tears when I got to the door of the ceremony and then quivering lip the whole ceremony
- looking out at the ocean for most of the ceremony as I almost cried every time I looked at hubby
- our drivers buying champagne and snacks as we were all starving getting our location photos taken
- photo bombing 2 other weddings who came to the same spot to take photos
- spending most of the time at the reception trying to find hubby
-not being able to eat with all of the excitement
- being the last to leave the reception because we wanted to keep dancing
- And driving through McDonald's on our way to the hotel lol

Had the best time!
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I need a title
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Re: When you look back on your wedding day...

Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:31 am

I remember Going to the hairdresser in the morning and being stressed at the time that it took to do everyone's hair.
Seeing fh & best man driving our cake to the reception venue.
Seeing my bouquet for the first time and thinking they were the most beautiful flowers that I had ever seen.
My 2 daughters in their bridesmaids dresses.
Feeling like an absolute princess.
Going to my parents' house to have my pre photos taken.
My brave mum, who had been swapped from a hospital bed to a special sit up wheelchair with a long board thing for her legs, so that we could take pics with her and the family.
How beautiful my Nan looked.
Riding in a friend's old Rolls to the church.
Walking down the aisle seem so unreal.
My 6 yr old son looking like a little angel, in a suit just like his new dad's.
The girl who sang our special song and how fabulous she sounded. Everyone breaking into applause, even in church.
So many friends being there for us.
Having such an idealic day.
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