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Entertainment at Outrigger Fiji

Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:24 pm

Hey girls!
I'm getting married at the Outrigger in September so am starting to think about all the details. I just want to hear from everyone who has had or gone to a wedding at the Outrigger RE entertainment options: DJ, live band or IPOD? Also, we would love to have our reception outdoor on the lawn but I'm not sure if a dance floor would work or if it is private enough??
Looking forward to hearing all of your experiences!!

Thanks heaps :-)
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Re: Entertainment at Outrigger Fiji

Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:06 am

Bula Andygj

I photographed several weddings at the Outrigger last year. All were married in the Chapel and most had receptions on level 6, 1 had reception on the lawn next to the beach.

All were beautiful and unique, because the couples and their guests make each wedding special in its own way. Nearly everyone used the DJ and his name is Ranjit and he is GREAT.. I have also see IPODS used and if someone is assigned to keep checking it, it works well also :-)

Level 6 is a smaller area and more private, the beach in my opinion is a larger better set up but not as private, mind you, not many people stare at a wedding reception and even though they were right next to the beach, they still had the area to themselves and only a few came for a quick look. There is a restaurant right next to the area where they set up on the beach and a few restaurant guests did watch while eating their meal but they are above the reception area and it certainly didnt impose on the wedding guests or bridal party.

The dance floor is larger on the lawn than on level 6.

The beach was windier than level 6 but its usually quite warm in Fiji so thats not a problem unless of course you dont like it being breezy.

Feel free to check out my Facebook page for pictures. If you would like more please email me as I am happy to send :-)

Moreen is a fantastic wedding co ordinator, congratulations on your choice of venue.

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I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: Entertainment at Outrigger Fiji

Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:03 pm

I booked the DJ but then a month before we arrived there i chose the IPOD and had my music put on there and they did it all to walk down the isle and i had one of the guests just do it for the cake cut and walk into the reception and put it on shuffle for songs just set up the playlists for each part of the night and wouldnt have done it any other way. I found the DJ at OUtrigger didnt have the alot of the music we wanted when i requested a list. As far as other entertainment i dont think you need it. We were getting married on the beach but when i got there i chose to do chapel and level 6 and it was soo much better more private and better to dance. You will not need entertainment you will have your meal and speeches and dancing plus the firewalking is on a Tuesday (if they havent changed) and other activities most night so your guests will see them anyway. Enjoy and ask away if you need anything answered about Outrigger i loved every minute of my wedding and time there.
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Re: Entertainment at Outrigger Fiji

Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:35 am

i am getting married in october at the outrigger and have booked to two peice live band. What is anyone's opinion on the band? i have never beed to fiji before either so any advice would be greatly appreciated. :D
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