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little red dot in oz
little red dot in oz
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Re: what to call your parents-in-law?

Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:06 pm

Fh calls my parents by their first names. I call his parents by their first names too, but when talking to each other about his parents, I'd sometimes refer to them as Mum or Dad.

FMIL's name begins with 'M', so when I send her a text or something, I somethings put M, and she's asked before whether I meant M for Mum or M for her name... So I just give her a cheeky grin and tell her it's up to her, whichever she prefers. :mrgreen:
I survived and got married
I survived and got married
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Re: what to call your parents-in-law?

Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:04 pm

I call them by their first names but I feel like I should call them Mum and Dad, and know they want me to - the other day they made this big deal about how a couple we know who have been dating for 6 months call each other's parents mum and dad. MIL often introduces me as her daughter - which has thoroughly confused some people! :lol: I do think of them like another Mum and Dad, and same goes for DH with my parents, but it's so hard to make the transition!
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Re: what to call your parents-in-law?

Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:20 am

A few weeks before we got engaged my MIL asked me to call her mum. It was strange at first but now it seems natural. I also call my FIL by the families cultural name for dad.
After we got married my husband began calling my parents "Mum" and "Bloke" (a nickname my brother calls my dad). I remember the first time my husband called my mum "mum" she got a little teary. It was sweet :heart: , and she commented to me how nice it was to have my husband call her that.
My brother also introduces my husband to people as his brother, as they get along really well. However being clearly from two different cultural backgrounds it confuses people a lot if I'm not there with them. :)
My husband and I are extremely lucky though as our families getting along extremely well, our photographer made a comment to someone at our wedding as it didn't seem like two families but one big family. :D
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