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Re: Celebration Party after UK Wedding

Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:19 am

Hi Deb

This is something that is happening more and more as people get married in places where the majority of guests couldn't attend for various reasons.
Quite often, the time between the actual wedding day and the 'party' is a few months (though I did do one recently that was only a week apart.
The focus shifts from the stress, excitement and (it must be said) nerves of a full-on wedding day to the relaxed, celebratory aspect of the informal reception.
Generally, you would still perhaps want to consider an MC to introduce you (and maybe your bridal party), tell the story of how you got together with your husband and perhaps even describe your wedding ceremony for those who weren't there. Some people hire a projector and show stills or video of the wedding ceremony throughout the night, but you could also have a selection of photos displayed if you prefer. Maybe consider 'theming' the party to the location of where you got married - for example, if it was in the UK, have place-cards with British cities or Union Jack flags on the tables. This helps 'tie in' the two events. Following that, by all means, cut the cake (just don't mention it's a wedding cake when you order it!) and re-enact your Bridal Dance in your wedding dress - maybe consider also making a few speeches to thank your family and guests at some stage (but not too late in the proceedings).
But let everyone know that this is the PARTY, the celebration and the idea is to have fun with those who couldn't be there.
Hope this helps, but please don't think twice about getting in touch if you need any more advice or assistance - it's free!
All the best.

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