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I just love to talk
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Bridesmaid Dress - opinions and reccs needed

Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:14 am

Hi Ladies,

So wedding planning has been going pretty swimmingly so far, once we got the venue, minister and dress locked down. But now I have hit a stumbling block with one of my bridesmaid dresses. I have bridesmaids scattered throughout the country and one is literally 3 hours away from the nearest shop (and that is a woolies and target country). For ease of organising I have said to the girls they can wear any blue dress as long as when they bend over I can't see there bum. But my middle of nowhere bridesmaid doesn't have a dress she wants to wear. So we're looking at getting something online for her. Does anyone have any recommendations for online dress shopping sites. I don't need them to be bridesmaid dresses (read sweetheart strapless, chiffon) but the biggest issue with fashion dresses are they are too short.

Any tips please- I have been search but am concerned that all the dresses I and she like are from rip off chinese site (which as long as they actually deliver a decent dress we're ok with that).
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