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Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:51 am

I'm getting right into the festive season & just wanting to know what does everyone else do for Brekky, Lunch & Dinner on Christmas day?

Usually on Chrissy Day we have nibbles, stone fruit, & bits and pieces we have out all day so generally don't have a brekky, unless the kids want pancakes.

On Christmas day we generally have a HUGE lunch... We have (and are having this year),

Kabana, Cheese, Onions, Gerkins, Olives,
Dips & crackers
Stone fruit
Rum balls
Pork, gravy, apple sauce
3 chooks, gravy
Bread rolls
Prawns & seafood sauce
Potatoe salad
Tossed salad
Potatoe bake
Fried Rice
Curried eggs
Christmas pudding
We usually sit down and have our lunch pretty early and for dinner if we're hungry LOl we usually have left overs from lunch which we generally have. :D
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Insert Candy Here
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:18 pm

OMG I love Christmas!

My family live south so Christmas is often a cooler day. As a result we tend to eat a more traditional meal. My mum does the turkey and my sister and I help out with everything.

- A traditional Irish dish we call 'Pufties' basically deep fried bread dough! Not as sweet as doughnuts but awfull bad for you ;)
- We also serve cherries, stone fruit and yoghurt.

- Traditional Christmas lunch.
- Roast Turkey
- Seasoned potatoes
- A variety of Steamed and Roasted vegetables
- Christmas Pudding
- Pavlova
- Custard/Cream
- Assorted fruit and cheeses

- generally leftovers from the other meals of the day.
- We will also put on a heap of cold meat platters, cheese platters, fruit platters and dessert platters.

I cannot wait until Christmas!
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I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:36 pm

For the most part it goes like this:

Breakfast: people do their own thing, considering the amount of food we have during the day I usually have some toast or museli.

Lunch: Smoked Trout and condiment-y things with bread and crackers etc

Dinner: The biggun'. Roast chicken, turkey, pork, gravy, roast veges etc etc then christmas pudding with hard sauce, custard and cream :e_xmas:
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To infinity and beyond...
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:29 pm

We always have the same things every Christmas day and have since I was born.

Breakfast: ham sandwhiches (nan buys a big leg of ham) and champagne
Lunch: Entree is always a prawn cocktail or prawn salad. Main is always a traditional roast: turkey, pork and ham with roast vegies and gravy. And then plum pudding and mudcake for dessert. We also have Christmas lollies on the table and often a gingerbread house.
Dinner: we have cold roast chicken, ham, seafood and salads. And more cake or pudding for dessert!!

We sound like pigs lol.
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I survived and got married
I survived and got married
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:53 pm

ooohh I love Christmas day - especially the food!!

Breakfast: Ham sandwiches and champagne with strawberries or vodka & OJ
Lunch: Traditional Cold seafood entree and hot roast main with FH's family
Dinner: cold leftovers and nibbles with my mum's side of the family

:D :heart: :D :heart: :D
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♥ beach bride ♥
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:40 pm

I :heart: everything about christmas!
Everytime I see a christmas thread I smile :D

We have Christmas on Christmas Eve for DH family which is the whole kit and kaboodle..
and the next day is at my parents place

Breakfast: Always froot loops! (we were only ever allowed these at Christmas time as a kid and the tradition continues now!)
Lunch: Roast Beef and Roast Lamb with Roast vegies and potato. We always have bowls of lollies laying around with chocolate coated sultanas in them (yum!) we then have a Fruit christmas cake, these amazing hazelnut chocolate balls and ice-cream pudding
Dinner: usually nothing just graze on leftovers.. however last year SIL and her partner came over and we had a LATE dinner at like 10pm.. hoping to keep that one as a tradition!!
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♥ baby on board! ♥
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:51 pm

I love Christmas food!

Breakfast: chocolate from our Cadbury stockings and yummy pulpy juice. We usually have a few pieces of stone fruit too.
Snacks: kabana, cheeses, cocktail onions, dips, crackers, lollies, nuts, pretzles, coloured popcorn, chips, fruit - usually someone breaks out a couple kilos of prawns to peel and eat
Lunch: ham, roast beef, roast chicken, turkey (all cold), salads (garden, coleslaw, potato, pasta, random salad items), boiled eggs, potato bake, normally a rice dish, breads
Dessert: pavlova, trifle, bavarian, custard, jelly with freddos set in it, Christmas pudding and my Mum's special icecream (she cuts up heaps of different chocolates and stirs it through melted ice cream - kind of like Cold Rock, only she's been doing it since I was a kid).
Dinner: leftovers

It's usually heaps of the family gathering together so we need all the food we can get :lol: And there's plenty of beer, wine and spirits which are worn off by french cricket, water polo and pool.
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:53 pm

Oooh I :heart: Christmas!

When we get to my mum & dad's in the morning all the 'kids' (I'm talking 20+ year old 'kids!') get a chocolate bag from "Santa" so we usually start on that. Then we'll often do cheese plates, nuts & chips as a grazing option, then prawns & oysters before lunch.
Lunch: Is often a late lunch around 2ish & we do the big traditional Christmas Dinner (at lunch time) - my parents are from the UK so this is what we do every year regardless of the heat! Webbered pork, roast turkey, roast veggies inlcuding brussle sprouts & parsnip, roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy, yorkshire puddings, apple sauce, they whole lot. The we'll have dessert, which changes each year, but usually Christmas Cake, Christmas puddings, mince pies, chocolate tarts, trifle, and ice cream!
Dinner: Ham & cold left overs, chocolate, chips, more cheese, nuts etc!! Then more desert!

I can't wait!!
Baby Mama ♥
Baby Mama ♥
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:49 pm

Yay! Great thread :)

This is the first year I don't have a 13 hour shift so I am SO excited to get to eat Christmas food - normally my Christmas meals are coffee, coffee, more coffee and then a bottle of champagne and a sleep on the couch :lol:

This year I only have to work 4 hours (8-12) & FH is working until 3 or 4 o'clcok, so I am thinking of making a massive meal to be started mid-late afternoon and carry into the night :D

I will be drawing inspiration from this thread :D AND from the free Coles magazine that has just come out! It's a good one :D :heart:
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I just love to talk
I just love to talk
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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:06 pm

Just been talking about this with my Mum and FH:
we like to do something different every year.

Ham & Cheese croissants
cheese platter wuth crackers, dried fruit and nuts and quince paste (just to keep nibbling on)
fresh cherries

At my Mums;-
BBQ - lamb, chicken wings/ nibbles and home made kebabs
homemade potato, garden and pasta salad
other things TBA
homemade punch to drink
christmas pudding

leftovers, maybe turkey for FH and I

might get some more ideas on here.....
Darens Girl

Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:21 am

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Re: Christmas Brekky, Lunch, Dinner

Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:09 pm

I am also excited for coming christmas however not planned food yet as planning to go for outing.

But after reading your ideas of food on christmas, I am also thinking of the same. Taking few ideas for christmas lunch from all you. Thanks for sharing.. :)
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