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It's between Me and Steve McQueen
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Re: Vegan food ideas please!

Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:48 pm

Salads without eggs or dairy, roast veggie dishes, pastas etc. there's lots of recipes online.
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Formerly known as MrsH
Formerly known as MrsH
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Re: Vegan food ideas please!

Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:50 pm

Can't think of the brand off the top of my head, but there is a fully vegan (and gf) sausage available from supermarkets, it's located with the cold vege options. Um Sanitarium has a vege roast with is vegan, but avoid a majority of their other meat products as they aren't vegan. You could offer falafel as an alternative to meat products.

Vegan for a year and my mind has gone blank on everything apart from what I still eat :lol: I would even just ask her (she's probably still learning too if she has only just turned full vegan, I know I took a while) what she would like, it might open it up to her offering to bring her own and just have salad provided.

I'll think on this a little more and get back to you.
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I need a title
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Re: Vegan food ideas please!

Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:01 pm

Check out these sites:

http://www.mysweetvegan.com/ <- Hannah's official site, but her blog with some free recipes and other cool stuff can be found here http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/recipes-a-z/

http://veganyumyum.com/ (specifically the recipes section http://veganyumyum.com/category/recipe/)

I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan but I enjoy both sites :) Some items you might not be able to find (like a vegan mayonaise, tofu yoghurt etc) but it does give you an idea on what you can search for out there :)

HTH :)


some recipes I found that I would eat lol

http://veganyumyum.com/2012/08/blackene ... o-canapes/
http://veganyumyum.com/2009/05/rustic-b ... t-lasagna/ <-- my suggestion for your bbq
http://veganyumyum.com/2009/02/candied-clementine-cake/ <-- CAKE :D

http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/20 ... the-rules/ <-- Sunflower Seed Falafel
http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/20 ... nd-paella/ <-- Uncle Alberto’s Vegan Paella
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Re: Vegan food ideas please!

Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:14 pm

So glad to know that, Had no idea if that panel would be informative, but I’ve gotten some other similar feedback. Think it was really useful having range of experiences between myself. Are you going to Melbourne Veg Food Festival? I’m thinking about it!
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