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Stressed out about parking for ceremony

Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:27 pm

We are having our wedding ceremony at one of the Sydney City Council Parks and the parking on the grounds of the park gets very busy very quickly. Our ceremony starts at 2pm. We have booked a pavillion there incase of rain otherwise we plan to have it just outside the pavillion on the grass. The council have given us an approval letter for this. However they told us we can't organise for them to reserve parking spaces on our behalf for the wedding cars and that the wedding cars are not allowed to drive into the off access area at any time. My fiance suggested he could get there 2 hours early and reserve some spots as soon as he sees theyre free with some witches hats (thats if any actually get freed up!! and we dont even think were allowed to do that but what other options do we have??) We would also need a spot to be free for the company who comes and sets up the outdoor wedding ceremony stuff like chairs, signing table etc Has anyone had the same dilemma or some experience in this. What did you do and what can you suggest? Any help would be appreciated i am stressing about this already and the wedding isnt until october!
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Re: Stressed out about parking for ceremony

Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:07 pm

Hi cuddlz88

I wouldn't worry about parking for your service providers - they deal with things like this all the time. The car drivers will simply stay with their cars once you arrive.

You may have to organise something for your guests though. Some of my couples will organise a bus from the reception venue to the ceremony location. This works well if it's an option for you and there is parking available at your reception venue.

Hope that helps

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